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The Team

We began this story early 2011. We're a bunch of South African wine tasting addicts, coming from very different horizons (Telecom, Finance, Food, Internet, Travel, Human Resources...), different countries (South Africa, France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland,...) and ages (won't say who the oldest is, he will recognize himself..., but let say that between the youngest and the oldest one of the team, there are more than 40 vintages...)

What brought us together is the fact that many people were asking us where to go for a wine tasting, and we thought that it was time for a guide talking not about wine, but about wine tasting. We wander through the winelands on a weekly basis, unite and share our opinions usually on Mondays or Tuesdays. And of course, none of us is part of any winery, or part of a wine related media...We just want to say what we think, and let you know about it...

Nothing more, nothing less, nothing else... Only the wine experience! Wine&Only

Marketing/ Advertsing

As you may have noticed, Wine&Only does not boast any advertising. But even if wine tastings and sharing our experience about them are a passion, we need to be able to grow, expand, and propose new options...

If you're interested in sharing links, banners, or advertise on our site (wine estates, wine stores, travel agents, others...) , do not hesitate to contact us. Our development team will be more than eager to discuss options with you, and integrate or create banners, adverts, enhanced links...


You like our site? (We do too!) We are constantly working on it, but we may have some time if you're interested in our work. Whether you want to revamp your website, add options to your existing one or create a new one from scratch, do not hesitate to contact our developers. I do think that Wine&Only has the only developers that don't fear people nor sunlight... Our developer's motto: "If we can, we do, if we can't, we say so!"

Events, festivals and private wine tastings

We're trying to talk about each and every event concerning wine tasting and wine estates in our blog. You're hosting a wine festival, a special tasting, a live concert, an exhibition of paintings, a huge braai (tell us, we'll be there!)...

Well, we'll happily add it to our blog's calendar and social medias. Don't be shy...


You like our site but think it could be improved...(functionalities, layout, search modules...), you're more than welcome to share your ideas with us, we'll give your suggestions all the attention they deserve, and always consider any new ideas!

Wine Estates and Winemakers

Your wine estate is not listed (yet!), please forgive us! We're working hard on it. We're focusing now on open wine estates rather than "by appointment" ones, but we'll get to you, definitely! The goal is to have the largest South African wine expression, from world-size wineries to garagists! Our schedule is quite tight, but if you want to show us something really worth it, we'll by all means work it out!

Though we constantly update our site, some information may not be up-to-date all the time. If you plan a trip to the winelands, especially during week-ends and holidays, we recommend that you give a quick phone call to the estates so that you won't be disappointed...

All photos and texts were realized by the Wine&Only team, or provided by wine estates. If you want to use any of the content of the website, please let us know...We're far from being selfish, but we don't want to be robbed... In a few words: All rights reserved!